How to quickly make a good first impression? Step by Step

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At your first business meeting, in a job interview, on a date with a girl, it is very important to know to do a good first impression. It can change your life and make you them much better, much more comfortable. Maybe, like most people, you don’t know how to make a good first impression. How to do that quickly and efficiently, but don’t worry.

I am going to teach you, step by step, how to make a good first impression on anyone.

Probably it is not the first tutorial that you read, and maybe you even stopped believing that you can learn how to make a good first impression. But few secrets will let you create a fabulous first impression.


Why is a first impression so important?

People say Do not judge a book by its cover; I say the opposite. You have to judge a book by its cover; the cover is so important. When you go into a bookstore, the first thing you see is the cover. The cover is the marketing the cover is the first impression.

In a bookstore, you will not read the entire book and then decide whether you want to buy it or not. You look at the cover and the name of the book. It’s the same thing with people!

No one will take you to work and at the end of the year will decide whether he will get you to work or not. In a job interview, the interviewer will decide according to his first impression with you. So you have to make a strong and good first impression, you have to know how to behave with the interviewer.

No one will rely on someone who does not look credible. People trust people they connect to, so you have to connect with people.

We have stigmatizes for different jobs. A plumber looks like a plumber, a mechanic seems like a mechanic, and a businessman looks like a businessman. So if you want to be a businessman, you have to look like one.

People need to look at you and understand what you are doing in life. You have to make a serious and good first impression.

You can take a look at this book about the topic. If you like books, you can take a look at this list of the 7 best investment books.

So how do I make a good first impression?

So, how can I make a good first impression? There are few rules to follow to impress people for the first time. You don’t want to do too much, you just want to be nice, and this is also what you need to do, be NICE.

smilies - first impression
Smilies – first impression


The first thing is straightforward: make a small smile. Smile and think “I’m glad to see you today.” Do it when you enter a room or when you meet someone for the first time. JUST SMILE.

A smile is a  powerful non-verbal way to communicate, sometimes even powerful as speech.

Introduce yourself first - first impression
Introduce yourself first – first impression

Be the first to say hello and to introduce yourself

When you go to a new customer or prospect, do not wait to be presented to greet everyone.Just go ahead and introduce yourself.

Introducing yourself will give a good first impression to people, they will understand that you are here and that you know how to communicate.

It is essential to go to people without waiting to be presented because it also shows that for you they also have importance.

Use names

If you want to connect with people, you have to know and to use their names. You can’t just say hello, ask for their names and use them.

To make a first good impression you can go to someone and ask: “Hello Sir, My name is Raphael, May I ask what is your?”

He will give you an answer, and from this point, you have to use his name. Goodbye MR._____. Nice to meet you MR.____. Use people name that will help you connect with them.

It seems to be noting, but it reinforces the fact that you are interested in the person in front of you.

Let him talk

The best thing to create a positive first impression is not to talk too much, just let him talk. Your goal is not to tell your life story, but to make a good first impression, you stick to your goal.

Let him talk, be very attentive to everything he or she will tell you. Ask for precisions, and be interested in the partner in front of you.

On the one hand, you will know more about the person in front of you, but you also have to remember that everyone loves to talk about himself. Leave your smartphone and do not do two things at once, you have to be focused.

If it’s a job interview or a meeting with a client, do not forget to put your phone in silent mode. Take with you a notebook or a computer, that will show to the person in front of you that you are serious.

First impression - Be formal
First impression – Be formal

First impression – clothes

Of course that if you want to make a good first impression you have to speak and behave like a civilized person, but you also have to dress up like one.

I asked some of my followers on social networks what the secret to make a positive first impression are. Some people told me that they just respect the person in from of them.

To make a good first impression you have to respect other, you have to dress up like someone important. For an interview for a high ranked job, you can’t just put jeans on you. If your meeting is formal dress formal with a suit and tie. If it is a less formal, dress with a suit and without a tied.

Pay attention to other people’s time

We have to be careful not to waste other’s time. Ask the people in front of you about the time they have. That will let you plan the meeting in life, and control the meeting. You don’t want to make a lengthy introduction if you have only 15 minutes to explain your whole project. 

I ask my meeting secretary how much time do I have. That’s how I can plan anything.

Think about it: If you are the CEO of a big company and someone come to your office and talks, talk and talk but don’t make any point. Would you like to stay with him? Of course not, you will feel that it is a waste of time. Would you like to meet this guy again? NEVER.

So at the beginning of the meeting ask how much time do you have, and how much time do you need to make your point. This will convey a message that your time and other’s time is important to you. And respecting others time will make a positive first impression.

Make a personal relationship

Don’t try to become the friend of all your bosses or employees, but don’t be just a boss. You have to be a little bit more than just a coworker. Try to introduce yourself with a personal touch, talk about your story.

If you want people to remember you, you have to make a fabulous first impression. You can’t be like anyone else. You have to add sometime more personal to your story.

Tell why this job is so important, why do you live where you live and what are your family and personal goals. Try to tell a story, your story.

Once I presented a project to the CEO of a big Israeli newspaper. I tell a story about my life and what I was doing. I meat him one and a half year ago, and he still remembers me. He knows where I live, how old I am, and what I told him during the meeting. He remembers everything.

When I leave his office, I didn’t leave the office, I’m still there. If I visit him again, he will still remember me, and I will be able to present him another project. Why? Because I left a good first impression.

How did I leave this first impression? I just respected him. I was exciting about him. I asked questions about his life and careers. Then, he asked me, so I told him my story.

It’s very hard to remember a random text, but it is a lot easier to remember a story, a good story. Tell the story of your life like it was the best story in the world.

Don’t play nervously with your hands!

You can be nervous during your meeting, but you can’t show it. NO ONE, expert YOU should know about your stress. One of the hints to know if someone is nervous is to look at his hands.

The body language is an integral part of a first impression. You want to have a regular body language. You have to try to control your body language, to act like you are not nervous.

For your first meeting you want to make a good first impression, so put your hand on the table, and speak with your hands. Move your hand, don’t talk like an average person, talk like a speaker. My first impression of you should be, ‘Ok, this man is a pro.’

Look in the eyes but not too much

As a part of the first impression game, you have to look confident. Look in the eye of your client, interviews. Look at him in the eyes, but not too much. Don’t stare at him, but look him in the eyes, keep an eye contact, always.

I can’t talk to someone who does not look in my eyes; it’s hard for me. If someone can speak with me and write and SMS, I am happy for him, but I don’t know how to communicate that way. I know, bad for me, but maybe your client is like me.

You have to give intention, you have to listen more than you talk. People only when you have to, and say only what you have to say. Don’t share information you don’t have to.

first impression conversation
first impression conversation

Be clear

You want to left a clear first impression, you want everyone to understand you. SO BE CLEAR! Don’t try to be funny if you are not funny, don’t dry to be someone else.

The only thing you have to try to be is a lovely person and a clear person. You should think twice before you open your mouth to say something.

I had a meeting with someone in a foreign language. I came and spoke about myself and about services I had to offer. After 15 minutes I tried to put some humor to the meeting, but my joke wasn’t funny. At this specific moment, the meeting became a little less pleasant.

Of course, it was my fault, if you are not funny don’t try to be. And if you don’t control the language don’t try to say complicate thing.

Your points have to be very clear and straightforward as your personality. It is not a philosophy lesson so don’t give too long answers. If I ask why if yes or no, so answer yes or no. You don’t want to have a first impression as someone rude, or disagreeable to be with.

Make a good first impression and be Nice

So that was the list of how to make a good first impression, step by step. Remember to listen, to be nice, to be clear, to look in the eyes. The first impression is the most critical part of the new relation; you want people to talk nice things about you, you want them to invite you again.

So be kind and respectably to everyone. 

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